Choosing wisely for effective birth control

Is the wide array of birth control choices boggling your mind? Is it getting difficult to make a decision? Here are some tips to help you narrow down to the correct choice.

Safe and effective birth control is an issue that has bothered many couples. While it is easier to choose not getting pregnant; many find it difficult choosing the birth control method that is most comfortable and the safest to use. There are several factors one needs to consider while weighing the pros and cons of all the options available and choose wisely thereafter.

With advancement in medical science; thanks to the countless researches in the field of gynecology|||||the branch of medicine dealing with diseases of the genital tract in women., women today have a wide array of ***birth control methods*** to choose from. This however, has a flip side too. More the choices, more is the scope for doubt.
It is therefore, essential that you give some thought before choosing a birth control method, so that you opt for one that you can use with ease and comfort, consistently whenever required. Here are several important factors to consider before you make this very crucial choice:
 Comfort level:
Being at ease with a birth control method is the first and foremost point of importance in making the correct choice. While some women might find taking pills the most comfortable and convenient method of avoiding pregnancy; there might be those finding it tedious to pop a pill everyday and keep a tab.  While someone might prefer wearing a diaphragm|||||a flexible rubber cup that is inserted into the vagina and fits over the cervix for contraception; to someone else it might be a reason for discomfort. It is therefore, essential that one shortlists only those methods as options, which one is comfortable with. Being honest about your fears and worries with your partner and your gynae, helps address the issue effectively.
Ease of use:
Keeping into consideration one’s lifestyle, one must choose a contraceptive that is easy to use. While you might be comfortable with the idea of taking pills, there might be a chance that your busy schedule and inconsistent timings might cause you to skip occasionally, rendering the method ineffective. Also, while diaphragms might be comfortable; they might lose some points to the once in three months contraceptive injection. What matters is the convenience and the ease of use associated with your method that helps make it a wise choice.


None of the available birth control methods provide complete protection from unwanted pregnancies. It is however, essential to consider the most effective option out of the ones you have shortlisted, or else the whole purpose of going in for a contraceptive|||||means and methods for prevention of fertilization of the egg and the sperm in order to prevent pregnancy. is defeated. There are several kinds of methods in terms of effectiveness – permanent, temporary and hormonal. While hormonal and permanent methods are the most effective of the lot; condoms are the most reliable among the temporary options.

Health issues and side effects:

Health issues might prevent you from using a certain type of birth control method and may steer you towards another. Many women are known to show side effects to contraceptive pills, IUDs or emergency contraceptives. It is therefore essential to consult your doctor before choosing an option and discussing its side-effects at length.

Protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs):

This is very important if you or your partner have suffered from any STDs in the past and even otherwise. One is free from the risk of catching an infection only if both the partners have no other sex partner and both were never infected by STD|||||Sexually Transmitted Disease before. Condoms are the only most effective protection against STDs and can be used in combination with other contraceptives|||||means and methods for prevention of fertilization of the egg and the sperm in order to prevent pregnancy..

Permanency of effect:

One needs to know how permanent the effects of the contraceptive method chosen would be, before opting for it. This affects your ability to conceive in future. Therefore, if you are middle aged and already have children and do not wish to get pregnant again, you can opt for permanent birth control. However, if you are young and either wish to conceive in future or are unsure; going in for temporary options is advisable.  

Choosing the right birth control method is sure to help you plan life better; giving you, comfort and peace of mind. So, choose wisely for effective birth control.


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