Nutrition tips for a flat stomach

A flat stomach is everyone’s dream but not everyone’s reality. For many of us, the reflection staring back from the mirror does not even need to scream before we notice the bulging snack pouch attracting attention; when we actually want it to disappear forever. If that’s your agony too, read on to find some great stomach flattening tips.

People world over try various methods to get rid of the increasing fat around the waist line. But with present day lifestyles it is becoming all the more difficult to do so.
There are two approaches to deal with the flabby stomach problem. One is to enhance your body’s metabolism and ensure complete body fitness. The second approach is to focus on the specific area i.e the stomach and muscles surrounding it and work on them.
While exercise helps to flatten the belly with evident results, having the right kind of food and balanced diet helps keep the fat build up under check, complementing the benefits of exercising. Here are some stomach flattening tips on the right approach to nutrition that have proven to be helpful in gaining the much desired toned look:

Nutrition tips:
  1. Be a conscious eater: Knowing what to eat and what to avoid, helps you regulate your intake of undesired calories. While proteins, vitamins and minerals top the list of ‘must haves’ every day; carbohydrates and fats fall in the ‘try and restrict’ category.
  2. Regulate the fat intake: Fats should form less than 30 percent of your total calorie intake; which is why it is important to be selective in the type of fats you consume. Having fats through nuts and dry fruits helps; and so does avoiding those in chips and fried foods. Switching to low fat, double-toned milk and avoiding the regular ice cream guy is also a good idea.
  3. Carbohydrates are essential: if you thought giving carbohydrates a complete miss was a wise decision, you need to think again. Carbohydrates are not just essential for proper brain activity and muscle function; they also help avoiding water loss from the body. Therefore, selecting your carbs and preferring whole wheat and grains over white bread rice and pasta would make a better choice.
  4. Water: water is an important component in flushing away toxins from the body and improving body metabolism. At least eight to 10 glasses of water are a must on a daily basis.
  5. Small meals: contrary to conventional belief it is best to have six small meals spanning through the day instead of three major ones. This not only helps overcome food cravings but also enhances body metabolism.
  6. Water therapy: Having 8-10 glasses of water every day helps flush away toxins from the body.
According to many fitness experts; diet plans or fitness regimes do not work in isolation. Instead, they work best when followed in combination, inculcating lifestyle changes and ensuring the results obtained are long term. For information on fitness tips to tone the stomach flab read 


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